the highest echelon of coolness. (rocketbox) wrote in dead_among_us,
the highest echelon of coolness.

Hauntings in Southern Ontario

I am doing some preliminary research for a well-known television show that airs on W Network ( We are looking for haunted homes*, primarily in Southern Ontario and surrounding area. If you happen to live in a haunted home, or know of someone who does, please drop me a line so we can get in formal contact.

*This may also include other locales, such as hotels, churches, museums, theatres, libraries, etc.

The homeowner in question must be comfortable with the idea of having a film crew present in their home over 2-3 days, and also with the idea of appearing on camera themselves.

Please comment here or e-mail me at electralux AT if you have any information regarding locations, or would like to know more.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Ashley Ann
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